Finding a great daycare for your child is a great challenge. Choosing appropriate child care for your young child can be
overwhelming. You start to get all types of symptoms, paranoid, concern, panic and worried all the same time. Thinking how in the world would you know which is the best, to qualify to take care of your children other than you. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is safe and happy in a child care environment that is fun, educational, and nurturing. Another way, is a day care that gives tender, loving care (TLC). Most important in determining the type of care your child needs is to know your own child – his temperament, likes and dislikes, health, interests, and behavior. Finding the qualities you’re looking for in a daycare, such as an experience, education and discipline beliefs are 1 in a million. I guess I’m very lucky or should I say blessed because all of these qualifications I found them in Leal Angels. Leal Angels is part of my son’s life now, they are helping me on promoting moral actions through self-discipline, good work habits, kind and considerate, behavior for others. One of the greatest things together can do for them is to take influence the course of their lives. Helping our children become good students is another name for helping them acquire strong character. There is this saying: “No matter how far the river goes, never forget its source”. I will make sure that my son never forgets his source, Leal Angels. Thank you Leal Angels. Mrs. Ana Middleton, Mr. Andrew Middleton, Ms. Nicole, Ms. A. God bless you all.