As working parents, finding suitable childcare for our daughter was no easy task. It was not until we found Leal Angels
Child Development Center that I as a mother felt comfortable returning back to work. Leal Angels has such a wonderful and caring staff. Ms. A and Ms. Ana have such a natural gift for teaching as well as nurturing young children. The facility is extremely well kept, have many safety precautions (inside and outside) and have a great curriculum. Our daughter has been attending this school for over a year and we are very impressed with the amount of academic as well as social knowledge she has obtained. From our first visit to the Center, we have felt very comfortable and continue to be pleased with dropping off and picking up our daughter each day. The teachers are very flexible and are more than accommodating. They take the children on field trips, and they also host fun events for the children at the center as well. Leal Angels is much more than a daycare, to our little girl it is a “home away from home”. We know that she is growing, learning and enjoys her time spent there because it shows each day in her smile.