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About Leal Angels

Leal Angels is a small-group, bilingual child development center in Bowie, Maryland. Our program offers a truly bilingual experience for your child. Our daily activities are conducted equally in English and Spanish. We offer bilingual programs which introduces children to language arts, creative art, culture, music, science, social studies, readiness and drama.

Our Programs

Leal Angels offers the truly bilingual programs for preschoolers and toddlers.


Children discover the secret science of dirt! Our toddlers explore growing herbs, flowers and rock gardening. We plant a vegetable garden and enjoy the fruits of our harvest.

Raise a Butterfly

Our preschoolers learn that everything sprouts anew during Spring. It is a time to grow and change. Children  watch the process of change from egg to caterpillar to butterfly.

Friday Fiesta

A day we give our little ones an opportunity to realize that in life there are moments to stop and enjoy the moment instead of just following a curriculum. Come on, let's celebrate!




What People Are Saying

Vernon and Anitra Llano-Sierra

As working parents, finding suitable childcare for our daughter was no easy task. It was not until we found Leal Angels Child Development Center that I as a mother felt comfortable returning back to work. Leal Angels has such a wonderful and caring staff. Ms. A and Ms. Ana have such a natural gift for teaching as well as nurturing young children. The facility is extremely well kept, have many safety precautions (inside and outside) and have a great curriculum. Our daughter has been attending this school for over a year and we are very impressed with the amount of… Read more “Vernon and Anitra Llano-Sierra”

Vernon and Anitra Llano-Sierra

Finding a great daycare for your child is a great challenge. Choosing appropriate child care for your young child can be overwhelming. You start to get all types of symptoms, paranoid, concern, panic and worried all the same time. Thinking how in the world would you know which is the best, to qualify to take care of your children other than you. As a parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your child is safe and happy in a child care environment that is fun, educational, and nurturing. Another way, is a day care that gives tender, loving care… Read more “”


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Leal Angels offers the truly bilingual programs for preschoolers and toddlers.

15213 Endicott Drive, Bowie, Maryland, 20716, USA

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